Home Safety Tips for Secure Children

Parents have an obligation to ensure their children are well fed, well clothed, well educated and protected. Protection at home comes in different forms such as the purchase and installation of home security systems, home security camera systems and home alarm systems. While these systems help protect the children from intruders, there are other ways that parents need to do to ensure their children are well protected.

Systems cannot protect children from being injured or from being bitten by a trusted pet or from choking on a plastic bag while playing. The injuries can be avoided and the home made into safe place for the children.

Below are tips that any parent can practice to ensure their children are well protected and safe from harm. Even the best security system can’t protect your children. You need to take additional steps.

Keep harmful products away from children

Home safety tips for secure childrenCleaning products, medicine and other chemicals are frequently used by adults at home. Children love to imitate what they see. Their young minds cannot be able to differentiate between right or wrong, good or bad. Manufacturing companies and government bodies have ensured warning information is added on the labels of the product so as to notify the user about the dangers of the product.

Young children don’t have the capacity of comprehending the dangers of playing with harmful chemicals until it has happened to them.

As parents, it is important to lock away all dangerous chemicals and detergents in a cabinet, room or even drawer where children cannot gain easy access to. For example all detergents can be placed at the top of high shelves way above the reach of the children. Medicine can be stored in a cabinet under lock and key.

For tools that might inflict damage and injury, you need to lock them away in metal cases and have it child proofed to prevent easy opening by the children.

Buy a gun safe

Guns when used appropriately provide protection to the family from intruders. Other uses include hunting and target practice in designated areas. Today, TV shows and movies show movie stars fighting with bad guys using guns. While this is not reality but acting, to the children it looks fun.

Leaving a loaded gun lying around the house when children or strangers are around is prohibited. Guns can shoot at the slightest mishandling by any person.

This may lead to accidental shooting of a person that may cause injury or lead to death. If you have guns in your home, it is important to buy and have a gun safe installed for you.

Before storing any gun, ensure it unloaded. Never leave a loaded gun lying around the house. Accidents can be simply avoided by being careful.

Child proof electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are essential in any home. They provide an easy way of powering various electrical devices in the home. To ensure that children are well protected, you need to child proof all electrical outlets in the home.

Children love to stick sharp objects either metallic or wooden into the holes of an electric outlet. By doing so it might lead to electrocution causing serious body damage or death. To avoid this, request an electrical expert to child proof your home electric outlets.

Other ways to protect your children from electrocution by appliances include repair damaged appliances and teach your children the consequences of playing with electricity.

Home security camera systems installation can also help in home security monitoring giving the parents a chance to keep monitoring their children either while playing or when watching shows around the home under supervision of the house help.

Bathing time should be supervised

Children love to play with water when bathing. If the child is older and has been taught how to bath themselves, then you need not to worry. You need to worry about the young who still require your assistance to bath.

Leaving your child in the bathroom unattended might lead to death by drowning or another type of serious injury.

To avoid this, parents should always ensure they are present when the child is bathing. If they have to leave the bathroom, then they should remove the child from the water and set them on a towel to dry off before powdering them.

The above practice should be replicated when using outdoor swimming pools and bathtubs. If using hot water, check the temperature to ensure it is not scalding hot.

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